Spotlight Roundtable – Trust – The Central Enabler

Optimising for the "new normal", in terms of collective health, wellbeing and sustained economic prosperity for Essex.

Spotlight Roundtable: Trust – The Central Enabler

Following the CSES Covid recovery roundtable held in October, we are now holding the first in our series of 'spotlight' events for 2021. This is on the theme of Trust; others in the series will be Sustainability, Inclusion and Resilience & Adaptability.

The objective is to bring together a diverse but relevant group of stakeholders to explore the role of trust in "optimising for the new normal", in terms of collective health, wellbeing and sustained economic prosperity for Essex.

We have developed an agenda, below, which recognises the increasing awareness of citizens / users in science and technology, and consequently the means by which we all move forward to derive more innovative and inclusive solutions for service provision.

The longer-term objective is to launch one or more projects involving several parties to address some of the issues raised.

We have a wide range of attendees including NHS, local authorities, industry, academia and charities so are anticipating a lively and informative session. We would like to extend the invitation to anyone working in a relevant sector who would like to join the conversation and our "call to action".

The event will be delivered via Zoom, with opportunity for introductions and networking. Please contact Amy Knight to express your interest.


Introduction – 10 min

Optimising the "new" normal – the central enabler of trust

It's not about working around restrictions, it's about new and sustainable values for society.

Sector breakout sessions – 30 min

Sector headlines

Health and social care – Quote, "health and social care integration operates at the speed of trust". The opportunity to promote independent health and wellbeing through technology.

Urban design by and for the community – Rethinking the investment model. Can I trust the developer? Am I the developer?

Accelerating the Essex (digital) economy – How do we share risk and reward across partners and participants / customers? What are the implications for multiple service providers such as Essex County Council?

The future of education – Do we trust technology to facilitate teaching and learning? Can our young people trust the curriculum to afford them the skills they need in a new normal?

Feedback – 5 min per sector on the role of TRUST

Panel discussion – 45 min

Assertion: In order to optimise our collective outcomes in a new operating model we need to recognise the role of trust in our collective health, wellbeing and sustained economic prosperity.

Discuss the role of the following:

  • Emerging stronger through an infrastructure of kindness and compassion.
  • More flexible corporate strategies. Genuine policies of inclusion and diversity for business benefit.
  • Embodying the right values in the transition to AI-based decision-making.
  • Enabling trust and empowerment within deprived regions of the county.

Summary / trail spotlight 2 – 5 min

15 April 2021, 16:00 through 18:00